Sunday, December 28, 2008

It was a White Christmas

The snow has finally stopped falling and is starting to melt. Official record for snow this year was a little over 46" in about a week and a half. It has now started to rain a little and now we have about 24" of slush in the yard.

Christmas was great and Holden had a great time with everything. We started our Christmas adventure in Pullman on Christmas Eve at Chris's parents house with the whole family. Danielle, Dan and Kids live there and Phill and Sarah came in from Portland. We had a big dinner and opened family gifts.
Christmas day we moved the festivities to Danielle and Dan's house where Santa had stopped for the kids. Holden got everything he wanted plus more. His favorite gift so far has seemed to be his super hero cape.

Later Christmas day we were back to Spokane and prepared a big family meal for Miranda's family at our house.


Kaelee said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. I still can not believe all that snow. Just crazy! Love the pic of Holden in his cape!!! Hope you guys have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Erin said...

holden is such a big boy! wow! 46 inches...ahhhh...insane...i thought we were bad with a foot!thank goodness it's all starting to melt! happy new year!